Photoshoot at a Contemporary Cafe, Artisan Coffe – Davinder and Carl

This couple’s incredible modern meeting was through the dating app called Tinder. Davinder messaged Carl first, which Carl admired and fell in love with Davinder’s confidence. Soon after the couples decided to meet for their first date, they plan to meet at a café called Artisan Coffee in Stamford Brook where they spend hours talking [...]

Most Incredible Landscapes at Cotswold – KaYan and Darren

I met Ka Yan and Darren last year for their engagement shoot; we went to London city and Paris. It was nice seeing them again; they were here for their engagement shoot again. They came prepared with unique props, which made the photos look more interesting. For their second shoot we went to three different [...]

The proposal at the Eros statues in Piccadilly Circus, London

Francisco contacted me to photograph a proposal to his girlfriend, under the Eros statue in Piccadilly Circus at midnight. According to a story, this brings luck to your marriage. They were in London for a few days only as they were travelling from California. We went ahead with Francisco’s idea, and I arrived at 11:45pm and waited. They dined in one of [...]