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Engagement Photography / PRE WEDDING PHOTOSHOOT

“Terry did a brilliant job of telling others about our story through her lens…Her advice on the preparation was very useful and thoughtful, e.g. gown choosing, props, ideas for locations…”

Helen & Soon Yee


Being engaged is a very special period in your life, just as important as the wedding day itself.

My unique, natural, story-telling style of engagement / pre wedding photography will give you a record of this wonderful period that you can keep going back to and relive the memories.

My pre wedding photography shoots in London are all about capturing the beauty of love and togetherness that couples share. Alongside the backdrop of scenic beauty and stunning landscapes, the chosen destinations add on to my purpose.

So if you are looking forward to get the best pre wedding or engagement photography in London then this is the right place for you. Read on to know more about my featured photos and destination photography.




I’ve developed a unique style that I’m constantly improving.

My vision is to create a series of engagement / pre wedding photographs that tell a story of this wonderful period of your life, while letting both your personalities shine through.

I’ll do this by taking the time to get to know you, and then working with you to generate ideas for locations, choice of clothing, and the use of any props.



I like to keep everything relaxed and informal to make the engagemnet / pre wedding photo shoot a day you can enjoy with your loved one, and make it as special as the rest of your engagement.

My pre wedding photography sessions in London are all about being relaxed and having a lot of time that goes into being happy and laughing. No uneasy poses or difficult expressions, it is all about the natural beauty that you exhibit when being in the presence of your better half.

I recognize the fact that a good engagement or pre wedding photography session is a collaborative effort. So, I appreciate the input of special ideas and requests that can further enhance my efforts.

The pre wedding and engagement photography can be in London or we can also move to the country side which has got more variations to the scenery.



I strive to constantly develop my artistic and technical skills so I can take photos of such high quality they’re good enough to be featured in wedding publications and blogs.

Click here to see where my engagement / pre wedding photography has been featured.



I’ll help you find the perfect locations around the UK to make your photos as special and memorable as possible. Contact me for affordable pre wedding photography services in London.

But if the UK isn’t special enough for you, you might be looking to go overseas to places like Paris, Venice, Greece, Prague, or just about anywhere else in Europe.

I’ll be more than happy to go with you.



If you’ve fallen in love with my photography, but are getting married in Hong Kong, it’s not a problem. Being from Hong Kong, I know the country very well, and I’m available for bookings between October and February.



That doesn’t matter.

I have a very natural style of photography.

There’s no awkward posing on my photo shoots – just a relaxing day ending in photos that show your personality, and not how Vogue says you should look.

Even the most camera shy of people will end up enjoying the photo shoot.

Engagement Photography Packages


Depending on your requirements, you’ll have the choice of a different package.

But however long you need, the following comes at no extra cost:

  • Consultation on the phone / Skype.
  • Careful planning with flexibility to create the photos you’ve dreamed of.
  • An online album and a USB stick to share the memories with your friends and family.

Whatever you need, you’ll end up with a series of stunning photos that will forever remind you of this special time.



Want to book a photo shoot, or just get more information? Fill in the form below or email info@terryliphotography.co.uk.

My schedule is a bit hard to predict, but if you would rather chat, please get in touch on +44(0)7774524804. You are most likely to catch me between Monday – Thursday between 11:00am – 6pm. And if I am out on a shoot, I’ll get back to you within 24 hours (Mon-Fri).

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