Traditional Chinese Wedding at Yi Ban – May and Kyle

May and Kyle are adventurous individuals who are keen on travelling and exploring varieties of different cultured restaurant which has a great link to their wedding. The couple is very fun loving and carefree people which illustrations in the photos. This couple met while working for an airline company, on their first flight they were [...]

Baby Ayrton at 8 weeks old

I have to say I fell in love with this cute little baby Ayrton during the shoot. No matter what he was doing (sleeping, crying, or looking confused!), he was just naturally cute and adorable!!

5 Benefits of Having Pre Wedding Photography

Pre wedding photography can be a blissful gain for your relationship, which you are planning to take to a whole new level. Capturing some sweet moments before getting married is essential so you could tell your love story to the world with beautiful pictures. If you are not convinced with the idea of pre wedding […]

Interview with the Asia Wedding Network

Growing up in Hong Kong, Terry Li never thought she would be able to pursue her passion of photography as it was not considered a “proper job” that could pay the bills. However, after being offered an unforgettable opportunity to photograph a beautiful British wedding, her career path took a different turn… Asia Wedding Network’s [...]