Elegant Wedding at Morden Hall-Angela and Praj

Angela and Praj planned a contemporary wedding at Morden Hall in South London. The venue was built in 18th century as a country house. This is a perfect place to host elegant weddings and parties. The house was recently redesigned to revival into current days, by creating calming and relaxing environment.  The rooms are inspired [...]

Traditional Chinese Wedding at Yi Ban – May and Kyle

May and Kyle are adventurous individuals who are keen on travelling and exploring varieties of different cultured restaurant which has a great link to their wedding. The couple is very fun loving and carefree people which illustrations in the photos. This couple met while working for an airline company, on their first flight they were [...]

Featured in ‘Your London Wedding Magazine’

I was pleased to be featured in ‘Your London Wedding Magazine’ where I collaborated with other wedding vendors to do a styled wedding shoot. The theme of the wedding was ballet and was inspired by the movie ‘Black Swan’. This look will be perfect if you want to accomplish elegant but chic tone to your [...]

Loseley Manor House Wedding-Siobhan and Steve

Siobhan and Steve chose a great season to get married in, the season of joy and happiness; Christmas has created a very traditional atmosphere for this wedding. The colour theme which were selected for this wedding were warm to contrast Christmas, for example the use of berry red and burnt orange as you can see [...]

Baby Ayrton at 8 weeks old

I have to say I fell in love with this cute little baby Ayrton during the shoot. No matter what he was doing (sleeping, crying, or looking confused!), he was just naturally cute and adorable!!
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