Photoshoot at a Contemporary Cafe, Artisan Coffe – Davinder and Carl

This couple’s incredible modern meeting was through the dating app called Tinder. Davinder messaged Carl first, which Carl admired and fell in love with Davinder’s confidence. Soon after the couples decided to meet for their first date, they plan to meet at a café called Artisan Coffee in Stamford Brook where they spend hours talking whilst enjoying a drink, after that they took a stroll down the street while it was raining which sounds something out of a movie.

This is why it fits best to plan their engagement photo-shoot at that same café with the same drink. The café had a contemporary atmosphere that filtered through the photos and captured the element of sentimental value for this couple.

The couple brought props with them, which makes the photos more interesting, and you can use them in different ways.  From the photos below you can see the couple used the chalks and a blackboard pad and wrote creative things like “We go together like salmon and cream cheese”. Carl also wrote funny things like ‘save me’, wrote some sentimental things like the date of when they first met and they also said thanks to me that I noticed after. яндекс At the end of the photo-shoot the couple shared a salmon and cream cheese sandwich.

We also travelled to London to capture the iconic house of parliament and the London eye; London by far has the worlds best black drops.

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