Most Incredible Landscapes at Cotswold – KaYan and Darren

I met Ka Yan and Darren last year for their engagement shoot; we went to London city and Paris. It was nice seeing them again; they were here for their engagement shoot again. They came prepared with unique props, which made the photos look more interesting.

For their second shoot we went to three different locations in Cotswold. The first location we went to was Cotswold Lavender Field; it’s a very beautiful hill, which overlooks the Broadway tower. The Field is covered with 35 different types of lavender that is displayed rows, which can go as far as 70miles. Visitors can walk through the full-boomed Lavenders field; they also have tearooms and gift shop.

The Next location we travelled to, was Barnsley House. Barnsley House is an incredible place to do photo-shoots because of its ornamental gardens, which offers a variety of different perfect backdrops that is constructed by Rosemary Verey. Barnsley House adds charming element to the photos because its historical characteristics.

Lastly, we visited perfectly preserve little village in Cotswold named Bibury, this village is filled with rows of charming holiday cottage made of stones. Bibury village made the most historical yet beautiful backdrop, this village showcase England’s landscape and was described by William Morris (1834-96) as “the most beautiful village in England”. This is also one of the locations where the movie Stardust was filmed.

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