Traditional Wedding at Leeds Castle – Sharon and Jack

Sharon and Jack met during their first year finals at university of Edinburgh nine years ago, their journey started very exceptional. Their first encounter felt like a part of a movie scene. The groom described her, as “She’s bright young and sweet I looked at her and I can see the rest of my life in front of my eyes…”

The couple had a very traditional yet a touch of contemporary wedding, the ceremony was held at Leeds Castle. Leeds Castle is a very stunning and a historical landmark that covers up 500 acres of land located in the village of Leeds at Maidstone, Kent. The Castle is separated in three different islands, which is surrounded by an artificial lake. Leeds Castle is a very popular venue to hold events because of its beautiful parkland and its gardens. Other attraction that incorporates key rooms such as the Henry VIII Banqueting Hall, Maze and The Grotto, it is a highly secured location with a gate protecting the entrance of the Castle.

The colour scheme of the wedding was pastel and whites, which gives a hint of freshness that was flawlessly organised whilst using the historical Castle as the backdrop, which made the photos more marvellous. It was a very elegant and beautiful wedding with bridesmaids wearing pastel colours that worked well with the theme of the wedding. The table setting was ivory and pink, which again compliments the tone of the wedding. The wedding ended with the most romantic element of the night; the dance between bride and groom.

And here are some engagements photos for Jack and Sharon 🙂

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