Engagement PhotoShoot at Castle Combe and Windsor Castle-Sandy and Nick

Sandy and Nick are originally from Hong Kong, they visited U.K. in May for Nick’s graduation and they took this opportunity to do an engagement photo-shoot.

When we were having the consultation, Sandy and Nick told me that they like small villages, so I took them to Castle Combe in Cotswolds. The photos demonstrate the uniqueness attributes of the villages.  I also caught the scenic side of the village, which was equivalently beautiful.

The weather kept changing however we were got lucky; whilst on the way to Windsor Castle, it started raining but as soon as we arrived at the location it stops. The photos came out so beautifully as the sun shined on the couple.

We also went to Regent Park in London, to get varies of different photos. The photos also shows remarkable detail of the season spring as you can see blossomed trees, colourful background and bloomed flowers.

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