Traditional Chinese Wedding at Yi Ban – May and Kyle

May and Kyle are adventurous individuals who are keen on travelling and exploring varieties of different cultured restaurant which has a great link to their wedding. The couple is very fun loving and carefree people which illustrations in the photos. This couple met while working for an airline company, on their first flight they were sitting next to each other and their story began from there.


May and Kyle went for a traditional Chinese wedding, the use of red colour with appealing gold accents creating the wedding looking rich. The wedding starts off with the traditional Chinese door games as the groom arrives, then the tea ceremony began with couple presenting tea to their elderlies in exchange for gold, jewelleries and presents. Formally after the Chinese tea ceremony, the couple head out for their registry, after that wedding ceremony begins and the day ends with a banquet and a toast.


The couple chose to hold their banquet at Yi ban Restaurant; the venue over looks the River Thames, the Albert Dock and the London City airport which made the venue momentary marvellous. The restaurant is known to offer cultural experience that is a great way to expose your guests to additional Chinese’s customs. The restaurant brings the theme for the wedding at a whole.

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