Loseley Manor House Wedding-Siobhan and Steve

Siobhan and Steve chose a great season to get married in, the season of joy and happiness; Christmas has created a very traditional atmosphere for this wedding. The colour theme which were selected for this wedding were warm to contrast Christmas, for example the use of berry red and burnt orange as you can see around the venue and at the table setting. The venue also holds traditional contemporary character that gives warm ambience to the wedding.


Loseley Park is a historical Manor House situated outside surrey. The Manor House was built in 16th century but it has been lived for 500 year, the house surrounds many different type of garden also the house have been featured in many different television series and movies.  The Loseley manor house has preserved its history and not much has changed, after Elizabeth requested to build the house bigger, the smaller house was inadequate for her. The wedding compliments this traditional venue, which gives warm and luxury feel to the photos.

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