City of London and picnic theme engagement shoot – Warren and Alice

Warren and Alice flew from Hong Kong to London in July and we had a pre-wedding photo shoot session on a breezy London summer day.

Alice first met Warren at a coffee shop when he was introduced by their common friend, however Warren remember meeting Alice over dinner after church. Although they had different memories of how they first met but it doesn’t matter anymore since they are simply inseparable now! Warren is very outgoing whilst Alice is more of a quiet girl, making them a perfect match. A simple movie date and a good meal is a good date, they are happy as long as they’re together.

We shot at most of the iconic attractions in London, such as the Big Ben, House of Parliament and the Westminster Abbey, luckily the sun was out and the day was amazing. The shoot was very relaxing and it was easy for me to capture the sweet moments between the two love birds. Warren proposed to Alice in Hong Kong while they were having a picnic and we tried to recreate the scene again! During the shoot, Warren is always getting Alice to laugh with their little inside jokes, it was so adorable. The smiles on their face are simply priceless.

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