6 Best Poses of Baby Photography

Being pregnant is the most enchanting period of any woman’s life, endured with miracle and pain of giving birth to a new life. This new-found experience brings a lot of anticipation, excitement and restlessness filled with love and passion towards the new-born. Exposing your baby for the very first time in front of the lens can be very entertaining and enticing. With increasing demand for Baby Photography in London, new parents are attracted towards this aspect in a magnetic manner.


Looking at a baby’s fresh face is very endearing, as the mere pure sight of their soft, fluttering skin can dip you into the depth of merriness and heaven. With best baby photography services in London, let’s look at some of the baby poses popular amongst the parents:


1.Taco Pose

With the safety perimeters being drawn, the baby is curled up in a “taco” shape, with their legs inter-locked and hands placed on the ground with their soft face resting above them. This is one of the famous poses for babies, and very comforting.Bum Up Pose | Butt in the Air Pose Well, switching from Taco to Bum Up pose is not difficult.  Just carefully place the bay on the knees, lift the bum cheeks of the baby inclining all the weight to his hands and knees. The face will be resting on the hands itself, thus giving the child a rather tinkling look.

3.Side Lying Pose

This is said to be one of the heart-melting poses within the book of baby photography. Side lying pose is executed with comfortably laying the baby on one of the either sides, with the hands placed like the way the parent admires. This pose highlights the innocent face, charm and beauty of the child with light falling on his soft, feather-like cheeks.

4.Parents Poses

Most promising pose is known as Parents pose, where the mother and the father gets in the picture with their newly-born baby and highlights the maternal and paternal sides of their personalities.

5.Sibling Relational Poses

Clicking the picture of a new born with his/her sibling is always fun, as there is a variety and innovative ideas of how to put the pictures through different angles with focusing on the siblings’ bond.

6.Natural Poses

Natural poses are freestyle, and the pictures clicked don’t require any discomfort, as the motive is to capture the ethical simplicity off the child in every form.

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