A robust backup system for your wedding photographs

As a photographer, I have a pretty hefty responsibility for capturing the events of the day. Whether it’s a Wedding Photography or an engagement shoot, the pictures I capture during the day are of the utmost importance to the client.

On such an important occasion, the last thing you want is something going wrong. Most cameras today are digital, and that opens a whole host of potential failures in the camera – faulty memory card, system crash or loss of data. Not only are the pictures at stake, but more importantly the happiness of the your important day. So to ensure that I have a backup plan throughout the day to make sure I’m prepared for any potential disasters.

On the day I shoot with two memory cards simultaneously on the Canon 5D MkIII DSLR. The images are stored to both so that if one card fails I have a backup.

I have also invested in a network-attached storage (NAS) drive, and I always copy the RAW images to this and store them there for a year. Inside the NAS, there are four 2 TB hard drives, but instead of having 8 TB space in total, it has configured to run as RAID 5. So there’s 3 hard drives for storage and the fourth acts as back up. This means if any of the hard drives fail, I can easily replace it and nothing is lost.

In addition, all client information and processed photos in JPG format are backed up on the NAS, and also have the NAS backup this information to an external hard drive every night. With all these secure measures in place, you can know that nothing bad will happen to all the stunning photographs I take of your special day.

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