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Wedding, engagement, portrait and baby photography with a story-telling approach


Great photography is very powerful. It shows you aspects of life you don’t normally see with the naked eye.

Everyone’s most precious moments deserve to be captured in a way that shows the beauty in even the small things, from the loving glance your soul mate gives you, to the way you hold hands.  

Whether you’re looking for wedding photography, engagement photography, portrait or baby photography, I aim to do this by using the unique, soft, natural, story-telling approach I’m constantly developing. 

Photos that tell a story


…her ‘story-telling’ approach was really refreshing and made us look natural, relaxed and happy…”

Stella & Julien


Great photography is an art, and like all art it needs to tell a story.

That means each time you look at the photos I’ve taken of your special occasions, you’ll be able to relive the experience all over again.

And they’ll tell your story.

Because whether you want wedding, engagement, or portrait photos, I’ll take the time to get to know you beforehand, so I can take photos that let your personality shine through.



A natural style


“…we were concerned about looking awkward, but from the very beginning, Terry made it very comfortable and easy…she had captured every emotion perfectly.”

Tanvee &Terence


My approach is subtle and unintrusive, so I can capture all the emotion and events as they happen.

This means you get to relive even the small, beautiful moments that naturally occur, rather than awkwardly posed photos that often only bring out the personalities of the most extraverted of people.


 Wedding Photography

A wedding is one of the happiest days of people’s lives, but photos mean the special moments will last a lifetime, retelling your story every time you look at them.

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Engagement Photography

Being engaged is a very special period in your life, just as important as the wedding day itself.

My unique, natural, story-telling style of photography will give you a record of this wonderful period that you can keep going back to and relive the memories.

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 Portrait Photography

There are many reasons to get portrait photos taken, from professional photos for your business website, to photos that capture youth.

Whatever you need, I’ll take photos that let your personality shine through, and give people a great first impression of you.

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Maternity & Baby

                                                             Babies grow up fast.

My photography will capture them at their most precious and beautiful, and photos mean you’ll be reminded of this even once they’ve grown up.

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